Princess Aerofryer Deluxe XXL 5.5L

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The luxurious appearance with stainless steel housing of this large digital Aerofryer Deluxe XXL makes it the perfect item to leave on your kitchen counter. You can make fries for the whole family in one go! The digital control panel makes this item very easy to use.

Large capacity of 5.5L
The combination of the large volume of 5.5L and the high power of 1700 watts ensures that the Princess Digital Aerofryer Deluxe XXL is a true must-have for the kitchen. With this device you can easily prepare meals for a larger group. In addition, you can also prepare an entire meal for yourself in one go in no time. The Aerofryer is really suitable for any time. You can serve a tasty bowl with snacks for your guests at the weekend and a healthy meal for yourself during the week. With this Aerofryer Deluxe XXL, the possibilities are endless! It is suitable for preparing fries, meat, cakes, snacks and even pizzas. If you happen to be looking for inspiration, take a look at because you will find the tastiest recipes here.

Luxurious appearance with digital control panel
Due to the stainless steel housing and the digital touch control panel, this Princess Aerofryer has a luxurious appearance that looks chic in both a modern and classic kitchen. The Aerofryer Deluxe XXL is not only the “beauty” but also has the “brains”. The control panel with 8 pre-programmed programs does not only have a stylish look, but it is also very easy to operate. For example, set the digital timer function (60 min) or set the automatic switch-off. You only have to press the button and the Aerofryer does all the work.

Various useful functions
The Princess Digital Aerofryer Deluxe XXL has various functions that make the Aerofryer convenient to use. For example, this item has a temperature range of 80-200 degrees. This ensures that you can prepare many different dishes in it. Due to the fast air convection you can fry healthy without the use of oil and still achieve a delicious crispy result.

2 Years Guarantee

  • Grill, roast and bake your favourite dishes with fewer calories but maintain the same taste and texture as a convectional fryer
  • Infinite options to serve delicious meals on the table
  • Luxurious appearance with an easy to use control panel
  • Large capacity of 5.5L and therefore suitable for any time
  • Healthy frying with the same crispy result
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